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Matthew recently wrote No Common Sense - Philosophy Tackles Climate Change. He is co-ordinator of Philosophy at the European School of Brussels II and a Full Member of the Club of Rome (EU Chapter).


Since 2012 Matthew has been developing numerous educational projects on Sustainability with Michael Wadleigh (Oscar winning director of Woodstock (1970) and Birgit Van Munster (BVM) who established the Homo Sapiens Foundation (UNESCO). 


In 2019, Matthew co-founded the "Climate Academy Brussels" (based in the Residence Palace) with Elise Sijthoff, founder of Children’s International Press Centre. The project is one the initiatives rooted in this collaborative community of experts and young people.  


He co-authored the Philosophy Syllabus for the European Baccalaureate, with his colleagues from around Europe.


No Common Sense

Dive deep into climate change science, and its psychological, political and social implications. Get a safe understanding of it all with the insights of some of the greatest minds of the past, and the guidance of an expert teacher


 “We are stuck in various illusions about reality - and there is an urgent need to be woken up.” 



Student, EU school, Brussels

The first thing Greta Thunberg sought to change was herself, then her family, now she is making a stand to change the world.

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